About Us

Century Maintenance and Supply was established by Irving Miller in 1936. The current owners are his grandchildren Russell (Columbia BA, Cardozo JD) and Bruce (Columbia BA, MBA) Miller. Their combined skills help run the family business efficiently and provide the company with a strong and well-founded underpinning. 

Century has been in business for 80 years and has gained a reputation for exceptional service. Quality is, and has always been, our motto. Century's main focus is to supply apartment buildings, management companies and hotels with all their immediate building and construction supplies. 

To continue growing and to meet industry needs, Century acquired Tsgonia Paint and Blue Bell Lumber. Between the two family owned businesses, there is an excess of 150 years of service to the industry.

Century employs 35 workers and operates a fleet of 7 delivery trucks. All of our workers are knowledgeable, honest and are always available to help you make the right decisions.

Century's corporate headquarters is located in Washington Heights in upper Manhattan with a 20,000 square foot headquarters. The Bronx warehouse is 80,000 square feet which provides us with the purchasing power we need in order to supply our customers with competitive pricing each and every day.

Century is stocked with over 15,000 items and supplies 3,500 apartment buildings monthly. Century works with a fully computerized system which provides management companies with up-to-date reports that help eliminate any unnecessary purchasing. 

Century  continues to have long standing relationships with over 300 loyal manufacturers and vendors. Century's main goal is to properly and efficiently service its customers with the best value and quality. 

We look forward to working with you and to put on display the integrity, pricing and service that has propelled us to over 80 years in business.